University Day 1

12:01 Today will be my first day at uni. I have a class at 8:30. WHY AM I STILL AWAKE? Stupid Crackdown.

7:15 Fuck fuck fuck. I’ve slept in. My train leaves in 15 minutes. Nothing else for it then. Short Shower. No Breakfast. No time to check if these underpants are clean. But they probably are.

7:34 I made it. I get a seat on the awesome train between express trains. It’s pretty empty. I don’t even have to pretend I’m asleep to avoid having to offer my seat to old people. I love it when that happens.

8:30 No time for a coffee, my lecture has already started.

8:55 Hello? Anyone here? My lecturer is late. I could have had my coffee.

9:00 Here he is. He says he’s sorry. Apparently next week lectures are going to start at 8:45. He thinks that getting to uni at 8:30 is challenging. I don’t see how getting up fifteen minutes earlier is challenging. Lazy fuck. I could have had a coffee 30 minutes ago. I don’t forgive him.

9:30 At least he finished on time. I miss having a computer. I’ve lost the old metcard that I wrote today’s timetable on. I need to get to a computer. I wish I remembered things, but who really needs to when you can keep everything you need and more on the internet?

9:35 Ah, coffee. My headache should go away in about 20 minutes.

9:40 Apparently more people are going to private school now. Is this really front page news?

9:50 Why do all university toilets have that really abrasive, non-absorbent toilet paper? Okay, I don’t really require it to absorb anything but fuck, they could make it a bit softer. I suppose you think it’s my fault for being blessed with a sensitive behind. You aren’t going to get any dog playing and rolling around in this stuff.

9:59 Look! Swinburne is into tokenism. I found a lone iMac in a lab of PC’s. It’s like Spock from Star Trek. I’m sure there’s a Linux machine lying around somewhere. That’s probably Janeway. I haven’t really thought this through.

10:05 Luckily, the thing I had straight after my lecture doesn’t start until week 2. Because I would be late by now. My next class doesn’t start until 14:30. Damn it. What am I going to do for four hours with no laptop? I’ll call them, that’s that I’ll do.

10:07 It isn’t ready. I hates them. Fuck this. I’m going home.

10:10 I remember I’ve left my key at home. I’ve picked the one day of the week that Matt decides to do something and leave the house. I’m locked out, so I’m staying. Maybe people are up for a game of Wabble.

15:30 Seriously, there are some serious serious nerds in my degree. Help.