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Summer Break

It’s been a quiet time around the Grapefruit office while everyone’s away on summer break. Or at least, that sounds like a good excuse for the lack of things around here.

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Jackson talks Halo

Peter Jackson was interviewed recently by Paul Fischer about the upcoming Halo film (which he’s producing) and gave some really straightforward replies.

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The Return of Famke

Famke Janssen will be returning for X-Men 3. This is pretty good news, on account of her insane hotness, but I’m still a bit worried. I loved the first two films, and the news that Bryan Singer would not be returning for the third was quite a shock.

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Games and Other Things

I knew it! I knew it! I was wandering around Halo 2, and for once, a marine survived with me. She kept saying encouraging things, and I thought to myself — You sound like Donna from That 70’s Show

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Rumour Mill

While watching the special features on the X-Men DVD, I cam across the amusing story of a kid who had come across an X-Men filming site, snuck in and deduced from the labels on some huge pieces of stainless steel that there would be a massive, satellite dish shaped laser in the film.

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