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Caught Red Handed

I’m off to catch a train. Fa la la. Things don’t go well.

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Sleep can be Awkward

I have recently developed a certain knack for falling asleep while standing on the train. Unfortunately there’s another skill you really should have in order to complement this ability, and that’s the power to stay upright while you’re sleeping standing up.

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Important Transport Bulletin

Only for those in Melbourne, naturally. Back in April, when the Metcards had price adjustments, they changed the way that 10 times 2 hour tickets work. Now, if you validate them a second time in one day, they automatically last you until 2am the next morning. How sweet is that?

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Accidents Waiting To Happen

Are trains really “accidents waiting to happen”?

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Australian Psycho

If I’m ever again on a train where someone’s Nokia has its ringtone set on the highest possible level and they get SMSes every three stops, I will leap across the carriage, force feed it to them, and flay them just for good measure.

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For the last week, perhaps longer, trains to the city on the Frankston line have been running around 5-10 minutes late.

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