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Urine Good Company

I’m exhausted and unintelligible. That’s show biz.

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Feeding the Meme

Ack! I’ve been tagged! Get it off me, quick! Also, important news for those subscribing to our RSS feeds.

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Australian iTunes

Well, it’s about bloody time. Though we apparently don’t have any music from Sony BMG, the Australian iTunes Music Store is up and running — with tracks available for $1.69 and albums for (usually) $16.99.

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Day 2

I think I just died and went to heaven. I just spent an entire day in a CD shop and still didn’t manage to completely explore it.

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Shelf Life

Some music is beautiful and timeless to me. I love it the first time I hear it (well, more likely the third time but that’s not as poetic) and I love it still.

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The Return

Australian Psycho

If I’m ever again on a train where someone’s Nokia has its ringtone set on the highest possible level and they get SMSes every three stops, I will leap across the carriage, force feed it to them, and flay them just for good measure.

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Despite the neglect and abuse of two weblogs, I’ve been given a third.

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