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Leopard Man

Boy, am I glad I didn’t stay up for that. Boring! Where’s the iMiniProBookMacChat? WHERE? What have you done with it? And don’t even get me started on the ONE TRUE VIDEO IPOD. I still believe, and it says in the Book of iPod that those who believe shall receive an OTVI on the day of reckoning.

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Cover Flow

The more astute of you will have noticed the lack of a grapefruit redesign. It’s on it’s way, there’s just a few kinks to iron out.

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I promise not to talk about Macs again until I can order my iMac. Cross my heart. But Apple announced the next version of OSX, Tiger, will be available on April 29 today, and put online a whole bunch of new pages and movies about it.

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I have the new Mac OS, 10.3, and it’s just lovely. Much faster, much easier file navigation, smooth as you like and some better keyboard navigation too.

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