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Feeding the Meme

Ack! I’ve been tagged! Get it off me, quick! Also, important news for those subscribing to our RSS feeds.

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ATR Declares War on Italy

In a joint statement earlier this morning, Thomas Charman and Andrew Cocker, speaking as representatives of the vast ATYPICALREVIEW staff, declared war on Italy and all its sundry bits and pieces, if indeed it has any of those.

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Soylent Green is Bacon!

I miss Canadian bacon. It may seem a little odd considering my initial disgust at their fatty bacon. But now I’ve come to miss the jar of bacon fat on the bench.

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In Dreams (2)

Had my first (that I can remember) ‘I’m back in Canada’ dream today. Somehow, myself and the rest of the family had found ourselves somewhere within 10 minutes drive of Banff — presumably in Canada.

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Canadian Gourmet

Just another note I’ve been devising for some time. I get a lot of emails from you (well, three) and they all ask (well, not really) ‘what’s the food like over there, Tom?’

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How can I be expected to pull an all nighter of lab reporting if there’s no freakin snacks in the house???

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Case Study

Below is a itemised account of what I do during your average day.

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