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The Curse is Lifted

Thank the heavens.

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Why am I at work? I could have used this storm-screwing-up-public-transport excuse to come in at least another hour late. I could have been home, playing Burnout 3!

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The curse.

I swore I’d not be involved with the accursed cheque again. It’s only going to cause trouble I said. It’s a trap I told him. I’m not fooled by this early morning call. It’s false hope. But he pleaded with me.

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To Bad Rubbish

Woah! TV TV TV! Going to Perth was like a television overdrive. My poor little iPod is packed with episodes of That 70s Show and Stargate SG-1. And then I return to more new Alias episodes… And then Mum and Dad finally get me the complete Yes, Minister. To think that at one point I was downloading Smallville.

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Money Makes the World Go Round

So, we went to the bank today to finally try to bank the $1500 Canadian security deposit for the Banff flat. Previous attempts with Matt, Andy and I in different states have met with failure, but with all of us in Perth, we thought we had a good shot.

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