Old Men Snoring

Rain? What’s up with this? It’s supposed to snow here, dammit. I should qualify my ‘rut’ statement and say that while it is a lovely place to live and we’re enjoying the experience, we just spend a lot of time going to work, being at work, leaving work, buying food, eating food, and playing Xbox, and not that much else. We did mean to walk up Sulfur Mountain today, but it was, as I say, raining and miserable.

Not that we knew this when we decided not to go. But it’s a good excuse and doesn’t involve the truth of alarm clocks being turned off and such things.

In good geek news, it turns out the writer of ‘Coupling’ will be on the writing team for the new Doctor Who series, which makes me hopeful that even if it’s crummy, it should be reasonably funny. He’s also (not) famous for the ‘Curse of the Fatal Death’ Who spoof.

We promise to take the camera into Joe’s Diner soon and show you all our workplace. We should’ve done it yesterday, it was deathly dull. To liven things up I took the ‘ten cup challenge’ and drank 10 cups of coffee in 80 minutes. This made the shift marginally more exciting.