Jackson’s Peculiar Talents

I attempted to demonstrate NTGF’s latest masterpiece — Andy C episode 1, part 3, subsection IV — to our good friend Corrinne today. Corrinne rarely spends time online and was unaware of most of our recent efforts but I managed to persuade her to join me at a PC to hear the voices of her good mates, Sara and Andy.

However to my irritation, the PC involved refused to transmit any audio content save the bare MIDI minimum. Hence, instead of presenting to her the voices of long-missed amigos, I instead showed her animated boobs bouncing up and down as I repeatedly rewound in hope of finding some sound.

Which was marvellous. Those EMS members looking over my shoulder were puzzled also. Bloody PCs.

In exciting news, the ABC is repeating all of Doctor Who from the start at 6pm on weekdays, starting in September!

Alright, it’s not exciting at all. They would choose the time when I’m overseas to do it.