Tomorrow is September 11. And we all know what that means…

PIRATES! (of the Caribbean)

I’m quite looking forward to it. In other news, I’m getting teased for having the iPod strapped to me 24/7. They’re all just jealous of my precious. We hates them.

I’m particularly enjoying reading on the train currently, as in order to get Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix out of my bag, I have to first remove American Psycho. I’m sure it’s confusing people. Well, no, they probably don’t care. They’re both probably interesting enough to warrant a review, but why would you believe me when I promise a book review? I’m obviously a liar.

I’ve set up a grapefruit forum as well with one of the free features that came with the webhosting. I hope everyone tries it out, I’d love to see some lively critical discussion there. But I accept it’ll probably just be me lamely attempting to start half-arsed conversations all the time… sob.