Hey, look! We have a books section on Grapefruit finally! Though of course I’ve only reviewed a Doctor Who book, so it’s nothing particularly impressive. However yesterday I bought ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde… as well as yet another Who book. Both will end up being reviewed. Although I may change style somewhat, make the reviews more chatty. I don’t particularly like the one I wrote for ‘Frontier Worlds’.

I’ve bought ‘Dorian Gray’ for a uni course this semester: ‘Art/Pornography/Blasphemy/Propaganda’. Sounds interesting, huh? I can’t imagine how I’ve missed it before. Apparently it has quite a reputation as the uni ‘filth’ course - but this is pretty much entirely based on having ‘porn’ in the name.

However, we did see some really big pictures of naked men grabbing each other by the ghoulies in the first lecture. Which wasn’t particularly pretty.