Doctor Who Season One

1 Rose

He's back, and it's about Billie Piper.

2 The End of the World

Earth go boom.

3 The Unquiet Dead

Spooky translucent aliens can be controversial.

4 Aliens of London

Attack of the Slitheen!

5 World War Three

I'd like my Earth well done, please, with just a touch of radioactivity.

6 Dalek

Exterminez-vous! Exterminez-vous!

7 The Long Game

Not so much Long as Dull and Uninvolving, but there you go.

8 Father's Day

All the best time travellers have daddy issues.

9–10 The Empty Child

Are you my mummy? Where is my mummy?

11 Boom Town

Monsters have feelings too. And ridiculously implausible plans.

12 Bad Wolf

Who's afraid?

13 The Parting of the Ways

It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for.